Welcome to the Australian Draught Horse Stud Book Society Inc

What is an Australian Draught Horse?

The Australian Draught Horse has evolved over the years as a result of cross breeding the four recognized pure draught horse breeds found in Australia. In many cases, this is still being carried out today to produce heavy working horses. As a result, the Australian Draught Horse carries characteristics of these four pure breeds, and occasionally some light horse blood as well, as seen in part-draughts. Members of the Australian Draught Horse Stud Book Society Inc enjoy ‘field days’ throughout the year to enhance their knowledge and preserve the skills involved in working heavy horses and also attend local and major show events.



If you wish to apply for membership to the Australian Draught Horse Stud Book Society Inc. or to renew your current membership, please download, complete and forward the form below.  You will also find the Safety Guidelines and Nomination Form below.

Most computer systems have a PDF Reader installed to enable you to download and view these forms.  If you do not already have a PDF Reader you can download it from this link to Adobe.

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